Jan 13, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! It's too late to say happy new year, LOL. Today is 13th day of January, I hope we still have the new year's spirit, yeay \m/. I am always busy and I love it even sometimes over busy is also suck. I passed two months and post nothing, busy with my obligations as an IT Student, assignments, deadlines, final exam, internship and also do choir stuffs.

Dramatic January! I never feel very anxious about future before, oh no, I mean my study! I need to do my final exam and also start my troubled internship which is in Palembang at the same week, speechless! Parents asked me to graduate as soon as possible and this is the worst part; I am sick of studying and faculty's bureaucracy systems! I was grounded to the lowest level. Sad? Worse!

Things turned 180 degrees in sudden when I met my choir team. Last Thursday, we won a TV Quiz and got 10.000.000 IDR, Alhamdulillah! Awarded as student with international achievement at the same week. It's like super vitamin! We got money, I get my Confidence back. I believe I'll make it done with best result and make my family proud of having me. I listed my resolutions and find the fastest way to 'check-list' the lists. Always try to make my self fit to receive what I want. Wish the fortune is always with me and the same prayers goes to you too, readers :)

Last happy moment in early 2013. Merci Beaucoup, Gengs!

"Keep going productively, stay humble and reach the victory in harmony!" -FAP