Sep 30, 2012


Hi, budds! Now, I am sitting here in my gloomy room with my laptop, some snacks and also the things that everyone should have; Dreams! Yeah, it's been a work hard-weeks, struggled and exhausted. I know very well how irritating it is! But, don't ever think life is always happy like Barbie-Ken's stories. Good thing comes to those who fight, ryt? :)

September goes so fast, October comes follow. I am leaving my teen and it means I need to leave my childish, clumsiness, ridiculousness, all stupid things in me.

Anyway, this last day of September I wanna thank to Allah for the blessing and mercy. Allah gave me super lovely family, friends and Bella. I thank to Allah who always remind me to keep Allah in my heart and also remind me to always try to make my day productive with positive activities.

Allah yaa rabb, I dreamed my October was so special. Please, make it true, Amin..

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