Aug 4, 2012

Festival Paduan Suara XXIII ITB, Bandung

You know what, to reach Bandung, I took angkot (some kinda public car that you never imagine it works) from Garut alone! I just wanna tell it first haha.

Well, in 4 July - 10 July, we (PSM UIN Jakarta) were in Bandung to compete at National Biannual Choir Competition, FPSITB XXIII 2012. Here's the recap from a week we've been there.

We got some fun in our free time; Playing card, sightseeing, took some pictures and bandung's culinary XOXO! ITB has a super cozy building, real green and so classic and also arounded with super tasty and affordable foods and fashion stores, geez!

Internet connection, Alhamdulillah :")

Sushi Origami (idr 10K-55K)

New Couple! (Isaka-Redi)

Warung Pasta \m/

Countdown before the stage! (sfx: heartbeat)

I was sick during this struggle. Thank you Ka Krotic for the jacket!

At FPS ITB XXIII 2012, we took folklore category and performed 2 songs; Tari Pasambahan from West Sumatra and Jali-Jali from DKI Jakarta.

Tari Pasambahan - West Sumatra

Jali-Jali - DKI Jakarta

And............ we got SILVER MEDAL!!!! Alhamdulillah :")

Yuma :)


and also super huge thanks for Ka Kromong, all official team, Mbak Susi and Yuma & Tia

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