Jun 25, 2012

When you think that you did un-fair to your self, when you're questioning in your struggle where's best friend, when people keep talking and doing what they like and hurts you, when you are troubled and there's no one you could ask for a help, when so many friends are disappointing, pray!

Jun 16, 2012


My heart beat is runnin' because the national choir competition, FPS XXIII ITB 2012 and also the international choir competition, 5th Grand Prix Pattaya 2012 are coming up! As a producer, I make some plans for my team; rehearsals, physic programs  and others to make it ready. The best and super fun pre-competition activity is: Fundraising! We're selling foods, drinks, fashion stuffs and also 'ngamen' at university when SNMPTN is goin' on. So many students and parents, they were very very kind bought our stuffs :") That was tremendous fun!!!! Alhamdulillah \m/

Moneeeeeey! lalalala~~