Aug 7, 2011

Ramadhan's (no) Activity

bonjour, people! firstly i would like to say: HAPPY RAMADHAN! HAPPY FASTING! yeah, i am sure all of moslem in this universe always wait for this happy moment. but, it's kinda too late to be posted. today's 7th day of ramadhan and i-as usual-write to this blog anciently hahaha.

it is morning at 7th day of ramadhan. i was chatting with my big friend rieke before she (maybe) fall from her consciousness and leave me :'(.

there's no activity besides praying and other religious things. i am having off class during ramadhan till a week after ied. what that i do all the time is only: chatting and tweeting! sit, lie, roll and nap in front of my funky laptop, talk a stupid things, spamming and share to each other.

yeah, tweeting is the most delicious thing, isn't it? who wants to keep any turmoil that is greater than the theme park? LOL

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