May 11, 2011

May-June 2010: Busiest Months Ever! -- (reposted from

on Jun 13th, 2010 7:58pm

yeah, lot of jobs that i should do a month forward. it could be the busiest month ever because many things skipped last month and i think i ought to finish all of them.

after my concert done, i plan to back to my fencing club and do much more exercises. i seldom to do my exercise since 5 months ago because my concert preparation is very intensive (that's why i rare to do my blog posting).

i miss my fencing buddies smoooch! aaaah and it makes me wanna said:OH MY GODNESS!

and do not forget to make savings because more things to be bought.

i love one and i am goin' crazy. hopefully this nite i'll dream i have this f**kin' thing and becoming true in tomorrow morning even though i know it is too good to be true :( hahahaha LOL!

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