May 11, 2011

May-June 2010: Busiest Months Ever! -- (reposted from

on Jun 13th, 2010 7:58pm

yeah, lot of jobs that i should do a month forward. it could be the busiest month ever because many things skipped last month and i think i ought to finish all of them.

after my concert done, i plan to back to my fencing club and do much more exercises. i seldom to do my exercise since 5 months ago because my concert preparation is very intensive (that's why i rare to do my blog posting).

i miss my fencing buddies smoooch! aaaah and it makes me wanna said:OH MY GODNESS!

and do not forget to make savings because more things to be bought.

i love one and i am goin' crazy. hopefully this nite i'll dream i have this f**kin' thing and becoming true in tomorrow morning even though i know it is too good to be true :( hahahaha LOL!


Yes, you can spell it 'random'. Hemmm, beberapa minggu ini gue banyaaaaaaaaak banget plan. To Do-List gue numpuk se gunung himalaya tau gak lo! salah satunya membenahi tumblr gue yang udah super absurt dan tak terurus, apalagi blog gue yang satu ini.

Anyway, sebenernya kenapa bisa gue nulis disini sebenernya kebetulan. Gue beneran lupa kalo gue punya account di blogger, haha. Udah beberapa minggu ini gue pengen buat account di blogger karena tumblr gue yang udah malesin banget nyehehehe. Terus pas gue pengen sign-up, ternyata gue malah sign-in, daaaaaan...


haha dan barulah gue teringat kalo dulu pas SMA gue buat blog ini untuk rekapitulasi nilai kelas XII IPA 3, hemmmm :|

Well, yang akan gue lakukan adalah me-repost postingan tumblr gue ke sini. lalu re-design blog and fill it with jokes, my environments, activities, life and circumstances, fashions and photographs stuff here!

Penting gak sih postingan gue? enggak kan? ya namanya juga lagi random. Hari ini Avril Lagvine konser di Indonesia dan gue..... udah ah gamau bahas! BYE